I have a dream

that all women

each and every one of us

will be free.

We will live

the way we choose to live.

We will be loved

the way we want to be loved.

We will dance

the way we like to dance.

We will connect with other sisters

as we have never done before.

We will be healed

and in return

heal our male friends.

Carine has a rich experience in life, an unrelenting urge for personal development and a genuine passion for people expressing itself in a huge sensitivity and compassion for “the other”. All this, combined with her extravert and optimistic character, can be found in artistic creations full of powerful colors and energy, with an unsuspected layering and nuance.

I truly believe that if women had a strong voice in the shaping of our world’s future, this world would become a better place for all of us”