'My art tells a story of feminine vulnerability, resilience and strength'

Carine Van Hee is a Belgium based artist, born in Blankenberge and now living and working near Mechelen (close to Brussels).

She has drawn artistic inspiration from the joy of seeing Jonas Gerard at work, and, especially, the strong use of colors in the work of Gerhard Richter. Richter's expertize in layering and his use of colors that keep their brightness, is what influenced Carine. She admires the braveness in the work of Jackson Pollock and Shozo Shimamoto as well.

Carine uses a very colorful palette, and hence, one would never suspect that life has hit her hard. Turbulences in her private life and the scars these have left, transpire into her art that tells a unique story of feminine vulnerability, resilience and strength.

'Growth is possible the moment we dare to don our femininity with pride'

“My paintings show that growth is possible the moment we dare to don our femininity with pride. I am inspired by the huge waves of women movements since beginning of times and the later ones, such as the pussy hat demonstrations and the brave women all over the world who exposed their innermost shadows under the hashtag #metoo.

Through my work, I want to encourage all these women to stand tall and show their true colors in order to make profound changes for themselves, their foremothers and the ones yet to come. Each time that they speak their truth, they heal not only themselves but all the other women too. I believe that, if each and every one of us can rebalance the feminine and masculine inside of us, we will heal ourselves and each other. I continue on this journey wishing to inspire thousands of women and men to believe in their unique feminine power. “
Carine adores travelling with only a backpack, and has been working as a volunteer with the streetkids of Cartagena, Colombia, and the indigenous women of Otavalo, Ecuador. In addition to being a poet, Carine is currently writing a non-fiction book with the working title: 'Unusual You – follow your true colors'.

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Where will I show my true colors?

Where did I show my true colors?


Wachtwoord vergeten?